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Mixed martial arts fighter Derrick Lewis packs a huge punch in the octagon, but on training days, the ultimate fighter makes sure to relax his mind and muscles with a heavy dose of weed.

Lewis took home his 23rd victory at UFC 247 in Texas this past weekend. And, according to Bleacher Report, when the fight was over, Lewis quickly told UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he had smoked weed all day, every day during the week leading up to the fight.

“It was very important [to fight in Houston],” Lewis, a Texas native, told Rogan. “That’s why 24/7, all week, I was smoking weed.”

Lewis, UFC’s 6th ranked heavyweight fighter, has made headlines in the past for his intensity and eccentricism. When his hometown of Cyprus, Texas flooded during Hurricane Harvey, Lewis spent days wading through water to help save his neighbors. On the other side of the coin, after a victory at UFC 229, Lewis immediately dropped his shorts for the post-fight interview, telling reporters that his “balls were hot.”

In his most recent ringside interview, Lewis kept his pants on, but did not tell Rogan any more about his cannabis-fueled training routine other than that it’s real. But with another victory under his belt, we’re guessing Lewis is going to keep up the green workouts on his way to his next bout.

And if we know anything about Joe Rogan, it won’t be long before Lewis is lighting up blunts in a podcast studio and describing in great detail what strains he smokes on leg day.

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