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Cannabis users in Northern Michigan can put down the ice scraper and snow shovel the next time they need an eighth of Blue Dream, and instead let the dispensary come to their front door. Just two and a half months after Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market went live, the Wolverine State now welcomes its first legal weed delivery service — with more dank drop-off companies set to come online in the near future. 

According to a new report from Michigan Live, Evart-based Lume Cannabis debuted the state’s premier web-based delivery service this week to adult-use customers across 11 zip codes and three counties.

“We are excited to announce Lume Delivery, our adult-use delivery service, is up and running in Evart,” Lume Cannabis Co. COO and President Doug Hellyar told MLive. “Our top priority is providing an unmatched experience that makes it easy for our customers to access the broad variety of high-quality cannabis products we offer.”

Michigan’s licensed weed dispensaries have had the option to open delivery services for months, but according to state records, no delivery revenue had been recorded in the cannabis regulatory system before Lume sent out its first fleet of cars. Across the legal weed landscape, home delivery has emerged as a cornerstone of progressive cannabis markets, with states like California relying on mobile dispensaries to serve hundreds of thousands of people living without easy access to local pot shops.

“Allowing customers to order online and have their order delivered to their doorstep will be a convenient option for customers, and we expect it to be in great demand,” Hellyar said.

As Lume gets adjusted to filling online orders, and other dispensaries across the state set up their own delivery programs, drivers will need to follow a very strict set of state-specific rules. Cannabis delivery purchases are limited to 2.5 ounces of flower and 15 grams of concentrates, and customers must upload a photo of their state identification online and only receive deliveries to the address listed on that ID. For the couriers, rules are just as harsh, with drivers required to be employed by one specific dispensary, carry all product in a concealed compartment, and deliver only 10 orders per trip.

So if you’re at home in Northern Michigan this week and you’re too busy to make it to your local dispensary, just get online and watch the wonders of legalization bring bud directly to your door. 

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