Miami Official Likens Marijuana Legalization to Pedophilia
Not surprisingly, Deputy City Attorney Barnaby Min offered zero support for his ridiculous claims.
Published on May 19, 2017

There has been a lot of fear-mongering propaganda about cannabis legalization over the years, but this one might take the cake. Some Miami officials believe the legalization of marijuana, even if it is only used for medicinal purposes, is no different than putting a law on the books making it acceptable for grown-ups to have sex with children.

Deputy City Attorney Barnaby Min recently gave members of Miami’s Planning Zoning and Appeals Board an exceptionally twisted comparison while describing how states are being allowed to cultivate and sell marijuana while it remains a banned substance in the eyes of the federal government.

Min told Adam Gersten, a board member and local bar owner interested in learning more about how Miami planned to handle the zoning regulations for retail pot shops, that cities have no more right to legitimize the sale of medical marijuana than they would in giving grown men and women permission to get down and dirty with small kids.

“If the city of Miami for some infinite, God-forbidden reason thought having sex with a child was a great way to recover from some issue and so we wrote that into our city code, just because the city says that’s legal doesn’t mean it’s legal,” Min said, according to the Miami Herald.

Min’s inability to provide the board with a less disgusting clarification caused members to take an awkward silence for several seconds, according to the Herald’s report. The Deputy City Attorney even prefaced his comments by saying that it was a “very poor example.” For some reason, that didn’t stop him from making the comparison.

Not surprisingly, Min’s tasteless remarks were eventually called out on social media for being “gross” and “not comparable” to anything concerning the legal marijuana trade.

In fact, most of the commenters that took to Twitter to chastise the Deputy City Attorney expressed confusion over how a discussion pertaining to the zoning of medical marijuana dispensaries prompted him to spew some unrelated madness about pedophilia.

So far, Min has refused to elaborate on what he actually meant to accomplish with the comment.

Mike Adams
Mike Adams is a contributing writer for MERRY JANE. He also writes for High Times Magazine and Cannabis Now. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on
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