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This past Sunday, the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico issued a statement criticizing a Senate vote in favor of a bill to legalize marijuana across the nation. You know, as if the church has no issues of its own to focus on anymore. 

The bill approved by the Senate, which must still be voted on by the lower house of Congress, would legalize the possession of up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana by adults, and allow the cultivation of up to six pot plants at home without having to alert authorities beforehand.

The bill would also enable anyone over 18-years-old to consume weed anywhere that smoking isn’t banned, as long as children aren’t present. Additionally, the bill includes measures to create a new system for larger-scale production and a government-regulated cannabis market.

The Mexican Bishops Council of Mexico said that they — and, by extension, the Almighty Prohibitionist on High — did not approve.

The bishops condemned the prospect of making a naturally grown plant legal in an official statement, saying that it is evidence of a “disposable culture” and that such an amendment “abandons a policy of promoting and protecting health to satisfy the interests of a few.”

“We see signs of a state policy that ignores the weak and discards those who should be better protected,” the bishops stated. Like the Catholic clergy has any room to talk — my god.  

“The legalization of a drug,” the statement continued, “be it this one or another, means turning away and ignoring the real needs of society and even more now in the present context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis and the crisis of insecurity… The bill that was approved does not address the health damages that arise from an ever-increasing use of marijuana, it does not address the effects on families due to young people’s consumption of drugs, and does not contribute to reducing and inhibiting exposure to drugs.”

Finally, the bishops said that if Mexico were to remove the criminal aspects of cannabis manufacturing, trade, and consumption, that “public health and welfare are no longer the priority, and [the government will] cede to the tastes of individuals, even though they may damage others. The demands for irresponsible liberty for a few, are placed above the common good and health.”

Holy shit, somebody needs to get those lonely men high.