Megan Rapinoe and Snoop Dogg Want Equal Pay for Women Athletes
The US Women’s Soccer Team just won its fourth World Cup title, but female soccer players are paid a fraction of what male soccer players get. And Uncle Snoop isn’t down with that.
Published on July 12, 2019

US Women’s Soccer Team captain Megan Rapinoe made the news for her beef with President Trump. And she now has a new ally among another of Trump’s media rivals: Snoop Dogg.

During a live CNN interview on Tuesday, Anderson Cooper played a video clip for Rapinoe of Snoop commenting on the pay disparities between men and women soccer players.

"Food for thought: Shout out to the USA Women's Soccer Team for their fourth World Cup, but what I want to talk about is they only get $90,000 per player, but the men — if they win, they get $500,000 per player,” he said in the video.

“Sorry-ass fucking men from the US team may never win shit, ain't ever win shit, can't even get out the fucking first round,” Snoop continued. “Man, pay them ladies, man. Pay the girls what they're worth.”

Cooper then jokingly asked Rapinoe if the Doggystyle mastermind should act as an equal-pay liaison on behalf of the Women’s Soccer Team. In March, the US Women's Team, along with 28 other national women's teams, filed a discrimination suit against the US Soccer Federation, which dictates payouts to players. The US Women's Team and the federation have since moved into a mediation process to further negotiate.

“I think that’s probably the best strategic move,” Rapinoe replied with a laugh. “We have a good team of lawyers, but we’re going to put them on the backburner for this.”

Three years ago, Rapinoe became the first star-athlete to join former NFL upstart Colin Kaepernick in his “take a knee” protests against police brutality. President Trump, true to form, took to Twitter and his grand-standing rallies to denounce the protests, calling the protesters anti-American and a “son of a bitch.”

In June, Rapinoe told a reporter that she would “not go to the fucking White House” if the US Women’s Soccer Team won the latest World Cup. Traditionally, US teams that win international championships like the World Cup visit the White House to celebrate the victory.

Trump replied to Rapinoe by tweeting, “Megan should WIN first before she TALKS.” Then Rapinoe led the team to another victory.

The president, in rare form, congratulated the team. But in an interview with CNN, Trump took a wishy-washy stance on equal pay for women athletes, stating that he would “like to see” the numbers first. 

Trump added that “you have to look at the great stars of the men’s soccer, the great stars, and you have to see, year-round, how are they all drawing [crowds]. What is the attendance for women’s soccer outside of the World Cup?”

Snoop Dogg has also (in)famously ruffled The Donald’s comb-overed feathers. In 2017, Tha Doggfather dropped a music video for his track “Lavender,” which features a mime resembling Trump getting “shot” at with a toy clown gun (the kind that shoots little flags instead of lead). The video prompted a Secret Service investigation, which ultimately went nowhere.

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