LSD Trip at Disneyland Leads to Missing Persons Report and a 130-Person Search
At Disneyland, Paris, a couple tried to make the most out of their theme-park experience by taking acid together. But while tripping balls, one of them fell into a lake, and hi-jinx ensued.
Published on September 27, 2019

Taking LSD while attending somewhere as packed as Disneyland may frighten the mouse ears off of some folks, but one couple recently tried it. What could’ve been a wild psychedelic adventure hopping from rollercoasters to exhibits to live shows ended up turning into a nightmare when one of the star-crossed lovers fell into a lake and went missing for hours.

According to the Le Parisien, the Swiss couple dropped acid while visiting Disneyland in Paris. The couple’s identities have not been released, but the man, 32, reportedly fell into a human-made lake at Pirate’s Beach in Adventureland. 

When he didn’t resurface, his partner, 30, who provided the LSD, freaked the fuck out — understandably so. She alerted authorities, which kicked-off a 130-person search across the Paris Disneyland theme park and surrounding areas. Firefighters, police officers, and 80 members of Disneyland’s staff scoured every inch of the park, and at one point, a police helicopter equipped with a thermal camera flew out to find him.

Eventually, the man was discovered, but not by the authorities or by Disneyland’s workers. Instead, he was found completely naked, nearly 25 miles away from Disneyland, by a random driver who just happened to spot him on the road.

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“He was walking in the middle of the road. He did not have a centimeter of clothes on him, and he walked barefoot,” the driver told Le Parisien, according to a translation provided by Funny News Fix. “I stopped, got out of the car, and went to meet him.”

Although the Swiss man appeared unharmed, the driver who found him said he was covered in scratches. Both the Swiss man and his partner were eventually detained by Paris police on narcotics charges, but they were released shortly thereafter.

The wayward psychonaut reportedly has no memory of the incident. Which is unfortunate, because that’s certainly one, ahem, trip to Disneyland to tell the grandkids about.

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