With cannabis legalization spreading throughout the United States, the debate on whether marijuana brands should be able to advertise their products or not has heated up. Even in states that allow recreational use, cannabis companies have had a difficult time finding marketing platforms due to federal regulation. 

While magazines, newspapers, radio, and television stations have mostly refrained from giving cannabis brands exposure, companies may now have a marketing safe-haven in the form of emojis. Next month, the company KushMoji will release a new app that will allow users to share cannabis-themed emojis with one another. 

But these icons won’t just consist of a generic weed leaf or stoned smiley face. Instead, KushMoji will use their platform to help promote around 50 different cannabis brands. The aim is to provide companies with exposure for their cannabis products, even in states where they have yet to breach the market. 

Additionally, the app will also offer various user tracking options and promotional perks, allowing companies to discover which demographic is most drawn to with their brand. Although it’s designed for use by adults 21 and over, the app counts on downloaders to be honest about their age.   

According to KushMoji co-founder Olivia Mannix, she expects that companies will pay $2,000 to $3,000 per month to have their brand “emoji-fied” on the platform. Beta users of the unique marketing platform includes the Colorado topicals brand Mary Jane’s Medicinals.   

There are a whole range of emojis available on our smartphones to express almost anything that transpires during our everyday life, but cannabis users have had to resort to using low-key symbols like bushy trees or fire to discuss marijuana in the emoji format. But with KushMoji, tokers will finally have a platform to express themselves through icons of their favorite cannabis brands.    

All the while, cannabis companies will now have access to promote their products without the need for a major marketing budget or fear of federal persecution. As the cannabis market continues to flourish, KushMoji could soon bridge the glaring gap that exists between consumers and cannabis brands once and for all.