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Do you like cannabis edibles? Do you like getting tipsy? Do you love science?

And, most importantly, do you live near Baltimore, Maryland?

If you answered yes to all four of these questions, you may want to hit up Johns Hopkins University, one of the most respected and prestigious research institutions in the world. 

On Monday, the university posted a bulletin looking for healthy adult volunteers, aged 21 to 50, for a research study. The study requires a commitment to nine sessions overall, and during seven of those sessions “participants will eat a brownie that contains cannabis and consume alcohol and then complete various tests to measure different aspects of performance,” the posting stated.

Participants approved for the study may earn up to $2,660, which is decent cash for doing something most of y’all pay for every weekend. 

For anyone who does enter the Johns Hopkins study, you’ll become part of a rich tradition in drug and psychedelics research. Recently, Johns Hopkins has undertaken research for psilocybin from shrooms, investigated how CBD affects drug tests, tested CBD’s effects against opioid withdrawal, and even devised a playlist to groove to while tripping balls.

The latest Johns Hopkins study is also just one out of several recent projects where participants get paid to get high. Last December, the University of Colorado at Boulder paid study participants $100 to get high and exercise in a campus lab. In 2017, Washington State University researchers paid participants $40 per hour for a weed breathalyzer study. 

As cannabis rapidly becomes a mainstream product, we’ll likely see more studies where adults get paid to get phased. You’re already doing it; you might as well get paid on top of it, too, yeah? For science?

To sign up for the latest Johns Hopkins weed-brownie study, click here