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After years of mutual admiration, the worlds of legal cannabis and high fashion are increasingly colliding. Now, luxury fashion house heavyweight Edie Parker is diving into the California cannabis market with a new brand of exclusive flower.

According to Fast Company, the New York brand known for its expensive handbags in bright acrylic colors has partnered with California cannabis company Flow Kana for a special line of private label bud under the name Flower. This might be the first fashion brand to embrace the plant itself, and not just ancillary products. As such, Flower will feature bright, fruity jars of Cherry Cheesecake, Banana Jam, and Pineapple Rising, with the pot priced to match Edie’s purses at $25 a gram. After all, luxury doesn’t come cheap.

“Yes, cannabis holds plenty of medicinal properties,” Edie Parker founder and creative director Brett Heyman told Fast Company. “But the world feels kind of dark right now, and I really want to just have a good time. My brand is about entertaining and having fun.”

In addition to the plant itself, the Edie Parker Flower line will feature a number of highfalutin smoking accessories, including $95 glass blown pipes in the shape of bananas, peaches, and strawberries, a $95 glass joint holder a la Cruella Deville, a $20 pack of rolling papers, and a $450 tabletop lighter.

The luxury pot paraphernalia isn’t a new trend, with department stores like Barney’s dedicating an entire section of their floor plan to pot accessories and CBD products. And don’t forget brands like Vetement that have released gold necklaces that double as weed grinders. But as much as the world of fashion has dipped its toes into the world of weed, Edie Parker is the first to step out of accessories lane and go into business with branded buds. Time to step your game up, Gucci.

Flower by Edie Parker is currently available in Northern California by way of the delivery service Emjay. 

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