Legendary R&B and soul artist Erykah Badu just dropped her own cannabis brand with the help of fellow musical-legend-turn-global-businessman Berner

The two icons discussed Badu’s new weed strain and mushroom tea set in a video, Vibe reported.

Badu’s strain, called “That Badu” was grown by Mad Cow Genetics. According to Berner, it’s a cross of Lemoncello and Jet Fuel Gelato. As they explained, it carries a distinctly lemon quality in its smoke and aroma profiles, producing an even-headed feel that’s easy to maintain — if you can stop yourself from tasting more of its citrusy awesomeness.

“It’s really nice and natural, sort of like a ballad,” Badu said in the video. “It just makes you move light and it kind of gets you through your day, and you’re not zooted.”

To thank Berner, Badu gifted him with a shroom tea set. Two of the flavors in the gift box are listed as containing “psilocybin extract.” So it’s safe to assume she was very, very thankful for the hookup.

Psilocybin extracts and psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been decriminalized in parts of California, where Berner resides. Although it is not yet legal to buy or sell shrooms in these decriminalized areas, they can be legally donated or gifted to adults 21 and over. 

According to Vibe, the badass Badu weed strain will soon be available at Berner’s Cookies locations, though which ones, exactly, have not been announced.

Besides helping Badu develop her own weed strain, Berner’s been busy. He has opened a Cookies lifestyle location in Spain and recently opened another Cookies spot in Thailand, becoming one of the first US-based entrepreneurs to establish a legit weed brand in Asia.

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