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A man in the UK was sentenced for attempting to burn down his neighbor’s flat with a blowtorch. The offense? The man could smell weed coming from his neighbor’s spot.

On Monday, Jason Rudd, 46, pled guilty to arson and making threats at Truro Town Court regarding the Feb. 19 incident, Cornwall Live reported

Judge Nigel Wraith recounted the attempted smoke-out during the hearing. Rudd’s neighbor invited two friends over to blaze some dank herb. “Rudd started ringing him complaining about the smell of cannabis.

“The victim put the phone on loud speaker, and the group could hear Mr. Rudd threatening to burn him alive in his flat. Five minutes later, Mr. Rudd was seen at the kitchen window with a lit blowtorch. He held it to the wooden window frame and flames were seen,” Wraith continued.

“Police were called, and Mr. Rudd did the same to the front door whilst shouting ‘I’m going to burn you in there‘.”

According to Rudd’s own account, he was incredibly drunk at the time. And let’s be honest here: The presence of booze is utterly unsurprising here, because the only time potheads whip out a blowtorch is when they’re taking a dab.

The victim’s impact statement indicated the neighbor experienced significant psychological trauma from the incident, though no one was harmed.

Since Rudd admitted guilt and convinced the court of his genuine remorse for attempting to literally cook his neighbor over the smell of weed, he received a six-month prison sentence, which was further suspended for two years. He’ll also have to perform community service and attend alcohol rehab classes. There’s also a five-year restraining order in place, according to Cornwall Live.

Cannabis is currently outlawed in the UK, although the country’s limited medical cannabis program permits high-potency oils. Had Rudd any sense, he could’ve just called the cops on his neighbor, but perhaps he’s one of those ACAB types. Additionally, in a legal market, Rudd’s neighbor could potentially access odorless weed, which became available in Canada last year. 

According to recent surveys, slightly more than half of all people find the scent of cannabis offensive, a claim that we, as cannabis connoisseurs, personally find offensive.