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Whether he’s taking his company public, trying to impress a girl, trying to impress a podcast host, or sending 60 satellites into space to kickstart a plan for free wireless internet across the globe, Elon Musk cannot stop making weed jokes.

After a controversial year featuring high profile scandals in both the Wall Street Journal and gossip rags, the Tesla founder took to Twitter this weekend to announce the first launch of the SpaceX Skylink internet satellites, planned for this coming Wednesday. To achieve minor internet coverage around the world, Musk noted, the company would need to launch 6 more rockets containing 60 satellites each, for a total of 7 launches. 

According to Business Insider, it took 2 minutes after Musk tweeted his numbers out before social media user Alan Parry pointed out that, according to Musk’s math, it would take exactly 420 total satellites to kickstart Skylink’s global internet initiative. Of course, Musk couldn’t help but respond.

“That *might* not be my lucky number,” Musk immediately responded, with the help of a clover emoji.

To be fair, Musk has good reason to be wary of the weed world’s favorite number. Last year, Musk joked on Twitter that he planned to take Tesla public at $420 a share, and that resulted in an SEC lawsuit. Earlier in 2018, Musk took his first blunt hit during a live filming of Joe Rogan’s podcast, and immediately saw Tesla’s stock drop, and — even worse — the internet ridicule him for his inability to properly inhale.

If there was ever a time for superstition, this is it. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell us that Elon and ganja just don’t mix. Come to think of it, maybe he should launch an extra rocket to bring the number up to 480 satellites — just to be safe. 

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