Photo via Santa Rosa Police Department

Like Hansel and Grettle leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home, a group of smash-and-grab cannabis thieves led California police on a high speed car chase after they accidentally dropped dozens of bags of stolen weed.

According to the Sacramento Bee, law enforcement officers in Santa Rosa, CA responded to calls of a cannabis business break-in over the weekend when they encountered six men actively carrying bags of pot out of the office on Piner Place. Instead of sticking around to talk it out with local cops, the crew jumped into three cars and made a break, crashing into a police cruiser along the way.

But while cops scrambled to follow the cannabis cat burglars, officers were given some immediate help thanks to piles of weed that had fallen out of the three getaway cars. In photos of the scene taken after the pursuit, boxes of bud can be seen strewn across the suburban street, giving the police a clear indication of which way to follow.

Once the thieves reached the highway, though, they kicked the Fast and the Furious LARP’ing into high gear. The suspects began speeding over 100mph on Highway 101 and eventually ditched the cops, who stopped their chase due to unsafe pursuit speeds. 

Despite recovering a couple boxes full of weed that were dropped during the escape, police said that the suspects are still at large.

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