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Canada Declares All Medical Marijuana Legal

Canada says all forms of medical marijuana are a-okay.

by Piper Ottrando

by Piper Ottrando

Canada unveiled a groundbreaking decision today to allow all forms of cannabis — no longer limited to just “dried” product — to be consumed for medicinal purposes. The country’s highest court deemed a previously instated restriction on all products besides dried marijuana to be a violation of liberty and declared Sections 4 and 5 of their Controlled Drug and Substances Act to be null and void, effective immediately.

This decision will allow patients of medical marijuana a wider range of ways to consume the drug like brewing it in tea or using oils in baked or other consumable goods.

"It's a positive — it's a great thing for patients ... and people who need extracts who can't smoke their cannabis or don't even want to in the first place," said David-George Oldham, founder of The ARC, a consortium of cannabis patients, doctors, activists and chemists.”


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