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'Black Lives Matter' Protests Go Global

Protests continue from Amsterdam to Ireland.

by Michael Geslani

From South Africa to the United Kingdom, the world is taking to the streets in protest of the violence against black men at the hands of police. Here are five international destinations standing in solidarity with the United States. 


When not trying to pursue the best bud in Amsterdam some people were out protesting wearing signs on their backs saying, “Don’t shoot – I’m Trayvon Martin.” Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who was acquitted and earlier this year auctioned off the gun used in the murder.


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Support from London was great over the weekend with close to 1,000 people taking part in a rally to support black families in the United States. "Every day I wake up another black person is dead -- that's why I'm here today," one protester told CNN.


Protesters in Berlin read a list of names of the black men and women killed by police officers in the U.S. – which brought many to tears and shortly after staged a peaceful die-in at the Potsdamer Platz – a large intersection in the middle of Berlin.


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Hundreds gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery over the weekend to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter protest occurring all over the world. The event also included memorials for the police officers killed in Dallas last week. One of the event’s organizers, Cicely-Belle Blain told CTV Vancouver, “I think the Vancouver community doesn’t really understand why it’s important to say that black lives matter and why it’s important for a Black Lives Matter chapter to exist in Vancouver, so this is just a reminder of that,”


Activists were protesting American police brutality in three Irish cities this week, which was organized by the Anti-Racism Network Ireland and the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland. In a Facebook post, the Anti-Racism Network wrote: “We condemn the horrific acts of violence perpetrated on a daily basis by US law enforcement against black bodies. In 2015, black males aged between 15 and 34 were five times more likely than white males of the same age to be killed by the police.”


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Michael Geslani is a Silicon Valley based writer who graduated from San Jose State University. You can follow him on IG @careerhigh.



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