This summer, Los Angeles became home to America’s first legal pot cafe, Lowell Farms. This West Hollywood establishment, endorsed by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa, serves up pre-rolled joints alongside pre-packaged THC- and CBD-infused drinks. There are a few other pot consumption lounges in the country, but as of now, Lowell is the only place where you can buy and consume both flower and infused beverages.

Lowell Farms’s monopoly on LA’s weed cafe industry will be short-lived, however. Next spring, Aeon Botanika, a second legal pot cafe, is planning to open its doors in West Hollywood. This massive 7,000 square foot space will roll a cannabis boutique, a superfoods cafe, a spa, and a Moroccan-themed weed tea lounge into one single venue. The space will also include a wellness center with a dietician, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, and a functional medicine physician on-site.

“We are in a time when more people are turning to cannabis as a medicine and including it as part of their wellness lifestyle,” said Aeon co-founder Nicole Fox, registered dietician and co-founder of two of LA’s first medical cannabis dispensaries, in a statement reported by WEHOville. “I am thrilled to bring my two passions, healthcare and cannabis, together to create the Aeon Botanika experience. I am beyond grateful to the City of West Hollywood, who has always supported the movement to end the prohibition of this healing plant.”

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“We’re not just creating a business,” said Veena Parekh, another of Aeon’s co-founders. “We are building a place of beauty where people can gather, connect, rejuvenate, and deepen their practice of wellness in new ways. Joy, relaxation, and education are all important dimensions of wellness, and the combination of the different spaces we are curating is such a unique opportunity to bring these all together. We believe cannabis can be a catalyst for positive change in individuals and in society; this is the vision we are bringing to life.”

The company recently received an Adult Use, Medical and Consumption Lounge license in West Hollywood and a Microbusiness license for cultivation, manufacturing, delivery, and distribution in Los Angeles. The company must still acquire a license from the state, however. Aeon is also applying for a license to add a wellness center and a sidewalk cafe to their location.

Aeon Botanika is being designed by Ferrier Architecture Studio. And Keith Greco, who designed several local restaurants, will be responsible for the interior design. The restaurant, which will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, will be overseen by Fred Eric of Fred62. Aeon will also offer a variety of coffee options, directed by Ritual Coffee Roasters.