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When 21-year-old Dante Michael Bellamoli discovered that he had been the victim of theft late last week, he did what most people would do by calling 911 to report his stolen property. The problem? Bellamoli’s missing property was a bag of weed.

According to concurrent reports from and WHNT News, officers from the Mentone, Alabama Police Department and narcotics officers from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office quickly responded to the call to find out more about the missing weed.

“While it is very uncommon for someone to call dispatch about their missing marijuana, our dispatchers field all manner of calls, from cows in the roadway to extremely serious incidents and emergencies,” DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden told WHNT.

Of course, cannabis is still completely illegal in Alabama, and Bellamoli was immediately treated as a criminal suspect and not the victim of a dastardly cannabis caper. When one of the cops searched Bellamoli’s pockets, they found cocaine and unspecified drug paraphernalia and placed him under arrest.

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“It probably wasn’t the best decision for this individual to choose to report stolen marijuana, but we were happy to investigate it for him,” Sheriff Welden added in an interview with

And so a night for Bellamoli that started with a bag of weed and a bag of cocaine ended in a striped jumpsuit and a jail cell, all thanks to his own self-tattling. Still, even after the unfortunate ordeal and a backseat joyride in a cruiser, Bellamoli was in good enough spirits to smile wide for the world’s greatest mugshot photo. Sometimes, even the shittiest nights have a silver lining. 

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