Consuming cannabis is often a social activity. We pass joints, bake batches of brownies and laugh about ancient alien conspiracy theories with our friends. But sometimes, after a long day of work or when you just want/need to be anti-social, a good toke is the perfect thing to clear your head and find some peace of mind. If you’re one of these solitary smokers, though, you’re not alone, as it turns out that almost one third of cannabis users allegedly prefer to get stoned alone.

The data comes from the new “Weed & the American Family” survey from Yahoo News and Marist Polls. Researchers surveyed 1,122 adults from March 1-7 and asked a range of questions about political and social beliefs concerning cannabis.

In addition to the solitary smoking numbers, the survey found that 56% of all respondents find marijuana use socially acceptable and that the majority, 54%, of people who said they use cannabis were parents. Of those parents, 37% prefer to smoke alone.

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When it comes to the social aspect of smoking though, 41% of respondents said they prefer lighting up with friends, or non-family acquaintances, 23% have their best smoke sessions with a spouse, while only 5% of respondents said they preferred to use cannabis with non-spousal family members.

Survey respondents were from varied backgrounds and age ranges (above 18 years of age), with millennials smoking more socially than baby boomers and Gen Xers. 

You can check out the rest of the “Weed & the American Family” survey topics and respondent breakdowns here and see how your cannabis views and smoking habits fit in with the rest of the nation’s.

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