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Watch Kamaiyah Take a Victory Lap in the “I’m On” Video

A good year for the “A Good Night In The Ghetto” Star

by Skully La Senza

by Skully La Senza

2016 saw a new star bubble up and breakout in the form of Oakland native Kamaiyah. Her 13-track project A Good Night In The Ghetto found the rapper capturing different emotions while remaining true to her city through the music. Kamaiyah's sound also pays homage to early ‘90s Bay Area and L.A. vibes, especially on tracks like "How Does It Feel," "Freaky Freaks," and "I'm On," which she has dropped a new video for.

The music video finds the Oakland rapper reminiscing on when she didn't have dime to her name to being able to pay her rent and provide for her family with no issue. How can you not root her in this underdog tale set over a sample of Bernard Wright's "Who Do You Love.” We're all for seeing people come up from sleeping on floors and not having shoestrings in their shoes to performing for packed out crowds on YG's latest tour.
Watch the video for "I'm On" here and listen to Kamaiyah's A Good Night In The Ghetto below.


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