When it comes to brutally honest hip hop, no one is doing it better than the Long Beach, California-based rapper Vince Staples. His 2015 studio debut LP, which was called Summertime ’06, was met with critical acclaim, and since then Vince has been considered one of the toughest and truest in this generation of hip hop (not to mention he’s hysterical on Twitter).

Last week, Vince Staples dropped his latest release, the Prima Donna EP, a unique and gritty collection of tracks that certainly tell a truthful story. The EP, which was released exclusively through Apple Music, opens up with a short and grainy rendition of “This Little Light of Mine”, and then continues on with six profound tracks that to flow together conceptually, but also manage to stand out from one another. Songs like the James Blake-produced “War Ready” and “Prima Donna”, which features A$AP Rocky, showcases Vince in his most vivid and expressive form, as he teeters around a feverish world full of madness and devastation.

In his new 10-minute visual for the Prima Donna EP, that evocative feeling was represented perfectly. The short film-styled music video features an Vince as he wanders through a dreamworld tired and fed up with his newfound fame, constantly reminding us that he might just be on the edge of giving up. The visual, which was directed by Nabil, features sizable slivers of the short, but heavy duty EP, depicting Vince Staples in his most vulnerable state. Throughout the musical film, Vince is bombarded with raving fans, tribal dancers, and booty, all of which drive the video to its unhinged ending.

You can catch Vince on tour in select US cities throughout September and October, and also as an opening act in L.A. And New York for James Blake’s ongoing tour.

Stream or purchase Vince Staples’ Prima Donna EP on Apple Music, or cop a limited edition vinyl (signed by Vince himself) from his website.