Video Original: GGN with DJ Khaled
They don't want you to watch this episode of GGN, but you're watching this episode of GGN.
Published on January 19, 2016

As a new home to GGN, MERRY JANE will bring exclusive interviews to your computer screens and phones and now, in a recent deal, to your televisions on REVOLT TV. GGN is Snoop Dogg’s ‘hood news’ talk show that gives viewers a chance to sit down with someone they idolize on an intimate level. Snoop has some of the best up-and-coming artists as well as celebrities that are on a major level.

In this episode of GGN, Snoop sits down with DJ Khaled and their conversation is one for the books. Snoop and DJ Khaled have worked together before--most famously for DJ Khaled’s timeless hit “All I Do Is Win”. The two reminisce on the monumental experience they had with the single, and DJ Khaled expresses so much gratitude to Snoop for getting on the track in the first place. From DJ Khaled’s live snapping to the serious talks about DJ Khaled’s new album I Changed A Lot, Snoop and DJ Khaled are a dynamic duo that give viewers an exclusive look into what it’s like being an icon of hip hop.

It's no secret that DJ Khaled has become the king of Snapchat so he tells Snoop why and how he started using it, and even convinces Snoop to get on Snapchat himself. From the shout outs to Dove to the questions Snoop asks, you will be sure to laugh through this entire episode while also learning some major keys to success. Watch the full video above and experience the vibes of what it's like to sit down with Snoop and DJ Khaled in the same room at the same time.

After watching this, I’m sure you'll feel the same as us and want DJ Khaled back for another one.

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