Last year, Brooklyn producer and DJ James Hinton (a.k.a. the Range) revolutionized the electronic music scene with Potential, a unique album (mostly) comprised of samples collected from random musicians on YouTube. Now, the Range has just unleashed an immersive visual for one of the record's standout number, the Ariana Grande “You’ll Never Know” cover-sampling “Florida.”

This 360-degree virtual reality music video allows the viewer to pan across a New York City rooftop dance party, and it can be seen from a different perspective with every playback. Directed by Andrea Allen, it features a spontaneous and groovy group of youngsters, each of who bring their own unique dance moves to the function. As the day turns into night, more and more people shuffle into the exuberant skyline shindig. 



The playful vibe of “Florida” is amplified by the 360-degree experience. The track itself features sporadic vocal samples over boisterous bass, vivacious steel drums, and untamable percussion. Just as in the immersive music video does, the songs get livelier as it progresses.

We’ve already seen how virtual reality and cannabis complement each other, and a bit of kush will surely put your mind smack dab in the middle of this state-of-the-art video. In addition to the VR visuals, the Range has also released New Lots, a 24-minute collection of new and unreleased material that didn’t make the cut for Potential.


The expansive mix, dropped via SoundCloud, showcases the Range’s ability to splice samples from across the universe into one cohesive offering. The New Lots Megamix’s shadowy undertones and spine-tingling vocal samples successfully create an atmosphere that is both desolate and excitable at the same time. Although the mix starts off surrounded by a calm darkness, it eventually builds to a booming percussion and synth driven crescendo.       

Needless to say, Hinton has carved his own stylistic hovel in the electronic scene under his “The Range" moniker. His visual for “Florida” only serves as proof that his innovative mind spans beyond music and into the technological future as well.