In the new stoner buddy comedy, “Ripped,” comedians Russell Peters and Faizon Love play a pair of teenage stoners who smoke a bowl of government-grown weed in the mid ‘80s and wake up 30 years later to find that they already have tombstones, tracksuits and bucket hats are somehow still in style, and vape pens are the best invention since sliced bread.

To set the tone for the stoner comedy, Lance Herbstrong, the mash-up jam band that once had disgraced cycling legend Lance Armstrong play drums at a 4/20 live show, have teamed up with golden-era hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane for “Ripped,” the title track off the movie’s official soundtrack.

It’s only fitting that, for a movie about the gap between 1986 and 2016, Lance Herbstrong enlisted the help of a rap legend who started his career in ‘86 and is still going strong. While the funkified guitar riffs and heavy keys of Lance Herbstrong’s jam lay the groundwork, Big Daddy Kane takes listeners on a lyrical journey through the stoner comedy, with a video full of sneak peeks to boot.

The track is Lance Herbstrong’s first original song, and fans of the group’s cannabis-friendly mash-up will not be disappointed, especially with BDK handling business on the mic.

“Ripped” opened this weekend in select cities around the country and is currently available for download on iTunes and VOD.