Odd Future's Mike G Drops Video for Smoker's Track "Doja"
Mike G stops by MERRY JANE to talk music and marijuana.
Published on June 20, 2016

Since his teenage days creating music with the hip-hop collective Odd Future, Mike G has stepped into his own as an artist and DJ.

His mixtape, Mike Check Vol. 2, released earlier this year features collaborations with Young Thug and the legendary Obie Trice and Tyler, the Creator on the assist with the production.

When he’s not chain smoking spliff’s (a habit he picked up on the road in Europe) or making new music, Mike G performs across the country as a Chopstar DJ, and hosting shows with the OF crew around Los Angeles.

This week, Mike G drops his latest video for “Doja”, a true smokers track listing all of the essentials for a proper turn up.

Ahead of the release, Mike G. stopped by MERRY JANE to smoke one with the team and chat about his musical influences, life after Odd Future and of course, WEED.

MERRY JANE: You grew up as a military brat and your mom was a drill instructor in the Marine Corps, did this play a role in your music?

Mike G: You could say so. I do have a militant style work ethic when it comes to my music. The subject matter, analogies, it made me more focused. I also like military inspired fashion and when I started going on tour with Odd Future, I had that prior experience of traveling.

MJ: Where did military life take you?

MG: I lived in Japan from age 5 to 7 and then we moved back when I was 14.  I've traveled all over to Norway, Denmark, and Amsterdam.

MJ: So when did you really get into music?

MG: I started listening to hip-hop when I was in Okinawa, Japan. I would sit in my room and play games and listen to music. When I was younger I’d listen to any Detroit music like D12, Eminem, Obie Trice, and Dr. Dre.

MJ: You have a really reserved personality, but you come across completely different in your music.

MG: I’m a Gemini so I have two personalities. Music is my outlet. Most of my music is bragging and that’s because people talk so much! Over time I feel that I don’t have any other way to show you what I’m good at other than doing it the best way I can.  

(Photos: Sasha Horne/ MERRY JANE)

MJ: Kind of like an alter ego?

MG It’s not a character, it’s not an emotion, I mean I do get in my feelings sometimes, but it’s more the mode you’re in. I like being an artist and I like rapping, and I’ve found it’s what I’m most proficient in. It’s the best platform for me, and people respond to it.

MJ: So how would you describe your relationship with the guys from Odd Future today?

MG: Odd Future is still a record label, we’re still friends, I see them around. Everyone has their own unique relationship. Odd Future's the crew, but everyone is doing their own thing and on their own schedule. It feels different and looks different but it’s still there, it’s just part of growing up.

MJ: Tell us about the first time you got high.

MG: First time I smoked I was 19, here in LA, the first studio where we ever recorded. It was me, Left Brain, and Cyd, we were in the bathroom and we’re weren't supposed to being smoking there.


MJ: So you were already a part of Odd Future before you ever smoked weed?

MG: Yeah, I mean it wasn’t like I was against it, it was just not really wanting to do it. I had asthma, so I would use that as an excuse to say I didn't smoke. When I got to LA, my friends were smoking so, you know.

MJ: Who has the best international weed?

MG: Canada!

MJ: Describe your standard smoke sesh.

I smoke all day! Though I’m ashamed to admit, I smoke spliffs. I picked that up abroad. I roll up with Backwoods. I rarely smoke joints. My favorite strain is Girl Scout Cookies

Now sit back, roll one up, and watch the new video for Mike G’s latest track “Doja” featuring Atlanta rappers Tommy Swisher and Theo Ferragamo.


Sasha Horne
Sasha Horne is News Editor at MERRY JANE. Connect @SashaHorne on Twitter and Instagram.
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