Many of you are no doubt familiar with film director John Carpenter’s prodigious body of work, the man is responsible for some of the most genre defining movies ever, including Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing.

What you might not know, is that Carpenter also scored or co-scored the vast majority of the music in his films, and has continued to make music independently of his films, having released Lost Themes in 2015 and Lost Themes II earlier this year via Sacred Bones.

With Carpenter having always vacillated between science fiction and horror when it came to directing features, it is no surprise that the new video for the Lost Themes II track “Utopian Facade” heavily incorporates some of both, sonically and visually. Synths aren’t out of place in either genre, and they feature heavily throughout the track, harkening both to the past and pointing towards the future at the same time.

The genre-bending thrill-ride directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst focuses on a Tron reminiscent android making a delivery run across a dark and ominous swamp, chased by human sized insect-like creatures and zombies. In pure Carpenter fashion, the reveal at the end of the video is rather cheeky.

Watch “Utopian Dystopia” here, Carpenter is gearing up for a UK tour at the end of next month, so if you fancy walking home alone at night afraid, be sure to attend a show.