When the UK producer Mark Pritchard first hit the house music scene in the early ‘90s, he instantly became an underground favorite. Predominantly known for releasing a wide array of music under a number of different aliases, including Link, N.Y. Connection, Reload, and Harmonic 313, Pritchard first decided to release solo material under his actual name in 2009, around the same time he began releasing music on the renowned music label Warp Records.  

His latest album, entitled Under The Sun, is a sonically rich journey through an electronically ambient landscape. The 16-track affair, which was released at the end of May on Warp, showcases Pritchard at his lushest, an album that is heavily chilled out and atmospheric. One of the more exotically bright tracks on the record is “Beautiful People”, which features the voice of Radiohead’s lead singer and musical mastermind Thom Yorke. The song itself is carried by the pan flute like progression, and slowly builds up with rich synth and Yorke’s impeccable voice. The two recently paired up to create a staggeringly beautiful visual for the track.

The music video, which was directed by Michal Marczak, takes place on a majestic mountain landscape, featuring a journeyman with a staticky face Thom Yorke. As the video progresses, boulders began rising up from the ground into the sky, foregoing the laws of gravity. Pings of light begin to pour out from Yorke’s glitchy face, and by the end of the video, he suddenly succumbs to a bright source of light shining down on him from the sky.

The visual certainly fits the sonic aesthetic of the “Beautiful People”, and together create an experience so magnificent that both the song and the mountainous setting seem otherworldly. This is the perfect video to roll one up, turn the lights down, put on full screen, and let yourself drift away with Pritchard’s elegant production skills and the majestically natural cinematography.