The impact of J Dilla's music since his passing in 2006 still looms heavily over many producers, musicians, and fans. Part of the legend of the Detroit producer lies in the numerous beat tapes (called “batches”) of his that floated around the music industry, but that were never officially released or used.

Now, another batch has popped up via various streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. The project is called Jay Dee's Ma Dukes Collection and features 15 tracks that may or may not have previously been heard by fans. Some of these tracks have been floating around on some of the beat tapes the producer dropped during his lifetime, and based of the title of the project, this project may be a curated concoction of Maureen Yancey's (his mother, a.k.a Ma Dukes) favorite beats from her son. 

Jay Dee’s Ma Dukes Collection is another posthumous release added to the producer's catalog, which includes Jay Stay Paid, The Diary, The Shining, and more.

Listen to the 15-track beat tape here