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Lil Wayne Drops New Track & Video, "Skate It Off"

Tunechi doesn’t dance, he just skateboards.

by Adrian Nuñez

Lil Wayne may have suffered a seizure mid-flight this week, but Tunechi’s reportedly all-good now and has dropped a new song and video. “Skate It Off” is a song dedicated to Wayne’s favorite past time, skateboarding. As such, the rapper spends a whole song name checking the world’s greatest skaters and bragging about his arsenal of tricks. He’s also keen to “skate off on the plug,” as the chorus states.

The accompanying visuals show Weezy riding around what looks like his personal skate park, showing off his not too shabby skill set. He busts out a boardslide, manual, and a number of tricky transfers amongst others. Even though Wayne raps “we just skateboard, we don’t dance,” there’s some fancy choreographed footwork courtesy of Meechie and Young Quan.

Check out Lil Wayne’s latest, “Skate It Off” below.


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