Welcome to the second installment of the MERRY JANE playlist takeover. Following our inaugural takeover by the one and only DJ Drama, this time around we’re heading from Philly to the Midwest, with Chicago’s Lil Durk doing the honors.

Durk is known for his Southside rooted sound and vibrant energy. Fresh off releasing his sophomore album, Lil Durk 2X, in late July, hes selected five tracks to treat your ears—four from his own catalogue and a classic you’re already likely familiar with.

We asked Durk a few questions about his music and his career, so hit play and scroll down to see what the man had to say.

MERRY JANE: What is your most memorable smoking experience?
LIL DURK: I dont personally smoke, but one time my DJ, DJ Bandz, who does, was so high we just left him asleep in the terminal and left his high ass there and got on the plane!

If you were a boxer, what song would you come out to?
“Dis Ain't What You Want!” That's a no brainer lol.

If you were going to go out guns blazing, what song would you choose to do it to?
If I was going out guns blazing at the end of a movie, the song I would want playing in the background: “Glock Up!” The words to that would motivate anybody to stand up to anything.

Who is your guilty pleasure artist?
My guilty pleasure artist is Rihanna, I aint gon lie. She got them hits!

What song most reminds you of your childhood?
Any Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song, I grew up on that! "1st of tha Month.” They did a lot for Midwest rap.

Which song that you've released, via album or mixtape, means the most to you?
Signed to the Streets, that was the mixtape that put me on the map, that put me in a position now where I can put my people on and feed my family.

Who is someone in the industry that people might be surprised that you were close with? How did you guys meet?
Jon Buscemi. We met at a fashion show in New York. He sent me some shoes and weve been cool ever since. Shout out to him. I get all the new releases.

How did the recording process for Lil Durk 2X differ from the experience on Remember My Name?
On the 2X album I was able to have more fun and just do me. On the first one, I was still getting the hang of how the album process works.

Who are your favorite Chicago artists on the come-up at the moment?
Lud Foe and Hypno Carlito are some artists on the come-up from Chicago that I fuck with. Im even on the remix to Lud Foe’s “Cuttin Up.”

Whats in your near future? Any projects you are currently working on?  
Right now Im headed out on this Lil Durk 2X tour to support my album that just dropped, and Im currently working on a project called Menace 2 Society, that will be released sometime during the tour.