Although Kid Cudi is currently in rehab for personal matters, he’s still got an album coming soon. While he may not be around to promote it for the time being, but Cudi fans should rest assured that Republic will be handling the full rollout of the project.

Today, we’re treated to a video for “Frequency.” Much like the song’s subject matter, the Cudi directed video follows a fantasy-filled shroom trip down the rabbit hole. Scantily clad bodies are interspersed in a mythical forest laden with glowing mushrooms and fine ladies galore. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a rare talent Cudi is when he isn’t ranting on Twitter about Kanye and Drake. Hopefully Mr. Solo Dolo is working through his problems and Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' is everything we hope it to be: signature Cudi.

Watch the video for “Frequency” here.