Flatbush Zombies’ 2013 tape Better Off Dead was filled with Carrie samples, songs with titles like “LiveFromHell,” hooks that doubled as pitch-shifted lists of illicit substances, and some of the most unhinged rapping you’ve ever heard. In short, it was a nightmarishly fun listening experience. However, one track on there offered some respite from all of the demonic drug trips.

In contrast with the rest of the tape, “Palm Trees” coasted by on a weightless vocal sample and conjured up images of warmer climates, despite its title being a double entendre that had nothing to do with tropical foliage (“So much grams, unzip the bag/Dip in my hand, then I palm trees”). Today, it gets the remix treatment from someone who probably knows a bit more about actual palm trees than the trio of Brooklynites: Snoop Dogg.

This “G-Mix” of a sequel, “Still Palm Trees,” smoothes out the song’s vibe even more, rendering the vocal sample more distant and carefree and eliciting some less frenzied verses from the Zombies. Make no mistake, the trio still rap their asses off, but this time it’s more about getting high and hanging out with women, rather than, as Erick Arc Elliot said on the original, “Proving I'm sadistic as sin” while “Making murderous music.”

The remix has Meechy Darko saying that he’ll “Only give her D if she sing R&B” and quoting Kanye West’s “I Wonder,” Zombie Juice referencing Cassidy and R. Kelly’s classic song “Hotel,” and Arc Elliot claiming that he’s “Known to smoke one up until we reach the zenith.” Of course, Snoop’s addition to the track adds laid back West Coast flavor to help mellow out the seemingly always hungry Zombies even further.

Three years removed from the original, and a little over a year out from their debut album, the Zombies sound rested and reinvigorated. Who knows what their three relentlessly creative minds will come up with next.

Later this month, Flatbush Zombies will be accompanying Snoop on some of his Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat tour stops. Head over here for more info.