Fetty Wap's MERRY JANE Spotify Playlist Takeover
To celebrate the new EP “Bruce Wayne,” the Remy Boyz head honcho shared his favorite tunes with MERRY JANE and talked with us about top-shelf bud. Yeah, baby!
Published on June 22, 2018

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If Fetty Wap is the Batman of New Jersey hip-hop, Willie Maxwell is Bruce Wayne. As the chart-topping artist says himself, "I've done a lot for people. I always give back and protect the people closest to me just like the Bat." Whether he's backing mayoral candidates or living like a multi-millionaire playboy (who could forget his epic court case for drag racing?), the dude undeniably embodies some characteristics of the iconic superhero and his alter-ego.

Tellingly, Fetty's latest EP is titled Bruce Wayne, and it adds another chapter to the musician's ever-growing mythology and sonic crusade. From his red-hot introduction with 2014's ubiquitous "Trap Queen" (currently at 500 million-plus views on YouTube) to his self-titled debut LP hitting number one on the Billboard 200, the Remy Boyz head honcho is embracing the credo of "onwards and upwards" without compromise.

To celebrate the new EP — out now via 300 Entertainment — MERRY JANE asked the earworm maestro to put together a playlist of his favorite tunes. Not only did he share a heady medley of rap bangers and Fetty Wap classics, the lege made the time to answer some questions about his favorite weed strains, dream collaborators, and his relationship with the original Dark Knight.

MERRY JANE: What is your most memorable smoking experience?
Fetty Wap:
Definitely that first time I got a hold of Wiz's "Khalifa Kush" weed. We smoked in the studio and then I made the record "Wake Up." I had to shout out my bro with the "Let's get Wiz Khalifa high" lyric!

If you were a pro athlete, what would be your warm-up track?
It would have to be "Westin." Gotta walk out to one of my favorites off my new Bruce Wayne EP. Have you heard it yet?

If you were going to go out guns blazing, what song would you choose to do it to?
Ha, I gotta go with "I Hang" by my dude Lud Foe. Bro's songs be too hard!

Who is your guilty pleasure artist?
Not gonna lie, Ella Mai has to be it. She's dope. Not to mention, she's been rocking with my music from the beginning. I remember her doing a video to "679" that went viral and now she's racked hundreds of millions of views up! It's amazing. Congrats to her success!

What song most reminds you of your childhood?
Damn, that's a tough question… But if I had to pick it would be Gucci Mane's "3rd Quarter." I did a freestyle to it, and shit… it had the city going dumb back then!

Which song that you've released means the most to you?
"679" cause that's my birthday anthem, and one of my biggest songs.

Your new EP is called Bruce Wayne — what's your connection to Batman and why did you pick the title?
I picked this title for my tape because I am Bruce Wayne. I've done a lot for people. I always give back and protect the people closest to me just like the Bat.

You spent some time in the studio with Snoop, right? What'd you collaborate on and what was the experience like?
I'm always down to cook it up with Snoop. That's big bro. Our studio sesh was wavy. I can't wait to get back in there wit him again. We made a smash for my album called "Westside." It got leaked, and is the only song out from my follow-up album King Zoo.

Who's your dream collaborator? Someone you haven't worked with already.
I mean it's always gonna be Jay-Z. We would make crazy records. He's a legend.

What's your favorite song by another artist to smoke weed to? What Fetty Wap song is the best to smoke along with?
Wiz Khalifa's "This Plane" for sure! It's a classic. Smoking to Fetty Wap "Wake Up" is the move, too. It's also a classic!

Do you like to record or perform while stoned? Why or why not?
Of courseee [laughs]. Gotta have something rolled right close by at all times. Shout out my bro Fuzzy! He knows what I'm talkin' about.

Do you have any favorite strains or methods of cannabis consumption?
My favorite strain is OG Louie (sometimes called King Louis XIII). For real, there's nothing like it out there.

For more on Fetty Wap, visit his website and check out his new EP "Bruce Banner"

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