Fear Of Men, the Brighton based trio of Jess Weiss, Daniel Falvey, and Michael Miles released their excellent seasonally ironically titled sophomore album Fall Forever this past summer. The June release came two years after their debut Loom.

So far, the only single from Fall Forever had been “Island,” which originally was released in 2014 but received visual treatment a few months prior to the album’s release. Now the band has shared the video for the standout track “Sane.”

Filmed in sculptor Judy Wiseman’s garden in North London, the video has very ritualistic vibes thanks to a strange ceremonial looking headdress, as well as dancing in front of a wall encrusted with a myriad of bones. Vocalist Jess Weiss serves as the protagonist, and between her enchanting voice and the surprisingly tropical looking setting, it’s hard to look away.

Watch “Sane” here. Fear Of Mean are currently on a European tour, so pick up a ticket if they come to a venue near you!