If you haven’t listened to the 80s-inspired, dance-conducive tunes of the musical project Blood Orange, which is the vessel for the harmonious music created by the British-born artist Devonté (Dev) Hynes, the time to get acquainted is now. Following the 2013 release of his second album, Cupid Deluxe, Hynes is back and better than ever with the surprisingly early release of his newest album, Freetown Sound. Although the album was due to drop on July 1, Hynes turned to social media to announce to his eager fans that his newest work is now available to both purchase and stream.

Released on Domino Records, the 17-track album takes you on a sensual, luxurious journey through the mind of Dev Hynes, covering a broad palate of issues, including racism, imperialism, and his upbringing in London. To accompany one of the album’s standout tracks, Hynes also released a lively music video for the song “Augustine”, a smooth, jazz-infused track featuring a catchy piano progression, a tight-knit drum machine beat, and, of course, Dev Hynes’ heart-wrenching vocals. “And no one even told me, the way that you should feel. They tell me that you lose yourself, they tell me that you lose your love,” he sings in his second verse, taking listeners into the depths of his pensive thoughts.

The video, which was directed by Hynes himself, begins with the musician playing ‘air piano’ atop the trunk of a compact car. Suddenly, the viewer is driven by the automated drum machine up onto New York City rooftops and through its parks, showcasing the beautiful culture that is hidden within the city’s confines. As Hynes conjures up his sensual dance moves atop of buildings, within parks, and around New York City establishments, the song itself serves as an emotional revival of the 80s R&B and pop music Hynes prides himself on. Alongside his dancing, the video portrays Hynes on his grand piano, and features a number of his friends and confidants throughout.

Aside from his work with Blood Orange, Hynes is renowned on the musical circuit for his song-writing for a number of prominent artist, including Sky Ferreira, Solange Knowles, FKA Twigs, and Florence + the Machine, among others. His latest album, which features collaborations with Nelly Furtado and indie artist Empress Of, reportedly only took Hynes three months to create, and is jam-packed with despondent, drum machine-driven synth-pop tunes.

Freetown Sound is now available for digital purchase on iTunes, in physical format via Domino Records, or through a number of streaming platforms, as well.  

Watch the video for "Augustine" below.