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The Best New Songs on SoundCloud to Get You Through the Week (Dec. 26, 2016)

Chance x Jeremih, Big Sean, Ryan Adams, and more!

by Tyler Koslow

Whether you’re celebrating holidays with presents or not, we’ve got some gifts for you—a wide array of new tracks that you might have missed while bickering about politics with your relatives. On this week’s MERRY JANE SoundCloud playlist, we’ve got a holiday spirited collaboration between Chance the Rapper and Jeremih, along with new music from Big Sean, Flume, Ryan Adams, and much more. Give them a listen—and revisit the tracks from last week—to start your week off right!

Ryan Adams - To Be Without You

Renowned singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has been trailblazing the indie rock scene since his 2000 studio debut, Heartbreaker, and has even ventured into pop territory by covering the entirety Taylor Swift’s famous album 1989 back in 2015. This past week, Adams released the single “To Be Without You,” the first song off of his upcoming album, Prisoner. The new track features an impeccable folky guitar progression, as Adams uses his country-coated voice to sing about how “nothing really matters” now that he has lost his lover.

Big Sean (feat. Chance the Rapper and Jeremih) - Living Single

This past weekend, Detroit rapper Big Sean treated fans to “Living Single,” a suave new track that features Chi-town’s finest, Chance the Rapper and Jeremih. The song focuses on the dichotomy between being in a faithful relationship and living the bachelor’s life. Big Sean drops mischievous bars about the triumphs and tribulations of the single life, while Chance and Jeremih contrast his verses by crooning about being in close-knit relationships. The cunning track is rumored to be featured on Big Sean’s upcoming album, which is expected to drop in early 2017.

Chance the Rapper x Jeremih - Stranger at the Table

Chicago natives Chance the Rapper and Jeremih kicked off the holiday weekend by gifting the world with their surprise collaborative Christmas-themed mixtape, Merry Christmas Lil Mama. The third song of the nine-track project, called “Stranger at the Table,” features R&B star Jeremih singing a modern variation of the Jackson 5 classic “I Want You Back,” crooning, “Oh baby, give me one more chance/To get my shit together.” Chance takes over the spirited track, trying to romantically reconnect with his lover for Christmas.

Although Christmas is over, the festive mixtape carries enough weight to remain in rotation well into the new year. You can check out “Stranger at the Table” above, and listen to the entire mixtape here.

Computer Magic - Is It Like Today?

Computer Magic’s Brooklyn-based electronic pop singer, writer, composer, and producer Danielle “Danz” Johnson’s bubbly sounds have gained popularity from the U.S. all the way to Japan. This past week, she released a cover of the song “Is It Like Today?” originally written by the ’90s British alt-rock group World Party. The new electrified version strips away the somber instrumentals found in the original and replaces them with lush synths and a poppy vibe. The hook of the song—“How could it come to this?/We’re really worried about living”—is especially fitting during these increasingly uncertain and tense political times.

Famous Dex - My Gang

The career of Chicago drill scene rapper and 300 Entertainment artist Famous Dex began budding after Rich the Kid took him under his wing; his musical output has been prolific ever since. Though his growing reputation was tarnished from domestic abuse allegations back in September, Dex has kept his hot streak going with the new single “My Gang.” The gun-toting and weed-smoking gangsta rapper manages to deliver menacing lines over an a beat that sounds like it should be coming out of an ice cream truck, telling the “little boys” in the rap game to “stay in their lane.” The track was also featured in a new music video, showcasing Dex and his armed gang throwing money around and smoking blunts in a hotel room.

Arca - Bussy

For last week’s SoundCloud music recommendations, we brought you some abrasive and experimental noise music from clipping., off of Adult Swim’s NOISE compilation. The full 16-track audible adventure was made available this past week, featuring a song from the renowned Venezuelan experimental music producer Arca. His contribution to the Adult Swim noise tape, called “Bussy,” takes the listener through a pleasantly raucous soundscape that will tickle your brain cells. If you don’t know Arca yet, you’d best get familiar with him, as the rising star has already worked with the likes of Frank Ocean and Kanye West.

Mick Jenkins (Produced by Kaytranada) - Aurora Borealis

Canada’s hottest producer, Kaytranada, conjures up his typical dance-infected voodoo on the beat, while underground Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins emerges onto the track with sentimental rhymes and a relentless flow. The smooth vibe of “Aurora Borealis”  makes it a standout track on the new 119 Productions Countdown 2 Midnight compilation, which also features Martin $ky, King Louie, Saba, and others.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB-04

Originating from New Zealand, the indie rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra has fused new-age psychedelic and funk together into a style that gives ears orgasms. As a follow-up to their 2015 record, Multi-Love, the group has just released a 20-minute audible trip entitled “SB - 04.” Unknown Mortal Orchestra discovers newfound areas of experimentation in the jam, which features pulsating synths and staticky percussion. Towards the middle of the lengthy song, the band snaps back into their usually funky selves before closing up the track with an epic electronic encore.

Rich Chigga - Seventeen

Since the 17-year-old Indonesian rapper and comedian Brian Imanuel (a.k.a. Rich Chigga) grabbed the world’s attention with his viral hit “Dat $tick”—recently remixed with Wu-Tang Clan legend Ghostface Killah—the brazen youngster has looked to maintain his relevance in the hip-hop world.

On his latest single, “Seventeen,” Rich Chigga sheds his comedic skin to deliver a heater that proves he’s more than just a funnyman. The track, also produced by Imanuel, features quick-witted and beastly lines that show the up-and-coming rapper leaving his haters behind as he rises to fame. “Watching numbers goin’ up, that’s just the everyday routine/All my old friends hit me up they wish they had a time machine,” he rhymes in the hook.

Flume (feat. Vince Staples) - My Boo

This past week, the eclectic Australian producer Flume released a remix of Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 track “My Boo,” which was recently made viral due to the “Running Man” dance challenge. Flume’s colorful rendition features the original track vocals over a triumphant and glitched-out beat. The remix features two brief but tender verses from California’s finest, Vince Staples, who takes over the track with his brutally honest lyricism, spitting lines like: “This road ain’t rolled in cobblestone, that big old house won’t make no home/All the money in the world, and you’ll still die alone.”


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Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with an intensive focus on technology, music, pop culture, and of course, cannabis and its impending legalization.



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