It’s been almost two and a half years since Queens personality/chef/actor/entrepreneur/rapper Action Bronson made good on the last one of those titles and released an album, namely the freewheeling and freaky Mr. Wonderful. He’s been promising a new one for over two years, but most likely thanks to his many other professional obligations, hasn’t gotten around to announcing an actual release date until today.

Blue Chips 7000 was originally titled Blue Chips 7, but it’s ostensibly the third entry in Bronson’s “Blue Chips” series. Unlike the previous two, this one (out August 25) will not consist entirely of collaborations with producers/multi-instrumentalists Party Supplies, and it will be a commercial release from VICE and Atlantic. Unfortunately, this means that Blue Chips 7000 probably won’t be able to liberally sample Dean Martin or Phil Collins, but it does mean that The Alchemist and Harry Fraud are on board as additional collaborators, so we’d call that a wash.

This announcement is accompanied by a video for new album track, “The Chairman’s Intent,” which acts as an homage to old school kung fu flicks. Bronson, clad in a hideous blonde wig throughout, yet again showcases his acting skills by nailing the over-the-top methods of low budget ‘70s cinema. Although he’s much better known for high-gloss videos for clients such as Joey Bada$$, Migos, and The Roots, director Rik Cordero is also spot-on in his approach here.


Coincidentally (or not), “The Chairman’s Intent” continues Blue Chips 7000’s streak of inhaler-related content. “Let Me Breathe,” the only other album track we’ve heard thus far, featured the asthmatic’s best friend in its artwork, and this time around, Bronson raps, “Two pumps from the inhaler got me feeling like Moriss Taylor,” which is most likely a reference to the old TV show host that most average people have probably never heard of. Bronson remains one of a kind.

Pre-orders for Blue Chips 7000 include a $5,000 “Dinner with Action Bronson” option, as well as cheaper packages that include t-shirts and copies of Bronson’s book Fuck That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well. Action Bronson: fun for all ages and tax brackets.