This week on Smoke In the Kitchen, kick up your feet with Slink Johnson star of Adult Swim's Black Jesus. Johnson joins cannabis guru Mama Sailene for a food-weed pairing sure to leave both your tummy and your psyche satisfied. Join our team of cannabis cuisine connoisseurs on Smoke In The Kitchen a MERRY JANE original series where celebs combine cannabis with their favorite recipes.

Johnson and Sailene talk spreading love and kindness in entertainment while sparking up the sativa dominant XJ-13 before heading into the kitchen to prepare traditional shrimp scampi with mixed greens which pairs nicely with the lemon citrus flavors in the bud.

Watch the full episode of Smoke In the Kitchen to find out what fine flower Mama Sailene will pull out of her chest next. Smoke In the Kitchen pairs the finest flower with delightful culinary creations. 

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