Despite the fact concentrates have been found to have huge medicinal benefits, buzz words associated with the extraction process like "explosions" and "blow torch" have given concentrates, the so-called "crack" of cannabis, a bad rap.

Enter Rosin Technologies, an innovative cannabis startup that developed new technology that by-passes butane for a cleaner, safer, stoner-proof extraction process.

This week on Seed to Strain we get hands on with Rosin Tech's Pneumatic Rosin Press, a first of it’s kind. With adjustable pressure and accurate heat platens the press allows you to safely squish flower extracting the essential cannabis oil from the bud with a squish of the press.

The device is OSHA certified and requires two hands to operate to ensure that even your most inept stoner doesn't injure themselves during the extraction process.

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From interviews with employees of testing labs to those in charge of producing marijuana seeds, Seed to Strain offers the unique opportunity for viewers to be fully submerged in the often hidden aspects of cannabis grows.

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