In this video, budtenders Sam Humeid and Aaron Justis speak up about the needs of patients and the responsibilities of the position – including how well informed budtenders should be in regards to their customers' needs.

Dispensaries are meant to help people, whether customers are suffering from a mild headache or seeking to ease pain and side effects of cancer. Finding the right cannabis to treat a patient is a budtender’s job.

“They aren’t meant to stand behind a counter and give a person the highest amount of THC because that may not be what the patient needs,” says Sam Humeid from Perennial Holistic Wellness. “It’s about knowing what the patient wants. [Budtenders] have to be very in tune with what the patient needs.”

Justis discusses the importance of having a knowledgeable staff that understands the ins and outs of cannabis. It is their responsibility to treat patients, many of which heavily rely not only on their expertise on cannabis, but also on their knowledge of political happenings in the nation in terms of marijuana.