As it turns out, humans aren’t the only species that can benefit greatly from marijuana being legalized.

It’s fairly common knowledge that marijuana can relieve the symptoms of ailments such as pain or anxiety in people. However, these benefits can also apply to many household animals, and a few companies are making safe, marijuana-infused edibles for your dog and cat.

This might sound crazy, but cannabis is especially useful for sick animals that have entered their golden years, when joint pain, arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress, aggression and digestive issues can come into play. But this isn’t to say that giving Old Yeller a whiff of your joint is a great alternative. Most pet edibles are low in THC and high in CBD, meaning, your pet won’t get high and will only experience its benefits.

To learn more about these products and some of the hurdles that come with getting animal owners access to medical cannabis, check out the MERRY JANE News report above