Medical Marijuana Inc. just released the results of a clinical study showing the effectiveness of its cannabidiol-based Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO-X) as a treatment for Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), a severe form of childhood encephalopathy that can cause frequent seizures and progressive cognitive impairment. The condition affects approximately 30,000 Americans and another 300,000 around the world.

LGS is resistant to traditional antiepileptic drugs, but researchers have found that CBD-based treatments are much more effective. The new study found that RSHO-X 5000 reduced seizures for 84% of patients. Over half of the participants reported a 75% reduction in seizures, and 17% reported a complete elimination of all seizures. 89% of the participants reported an improvement in their quality of life, without any adverse side effects.

Medical Marijuana Inc. is using the positive results of these studies to convince countries to legalize and import CBD treatments for their citizens. Recently, Mexico granted an import permit allowing the company's HempMeds Mexico subsidiary to import RSHO-X for medical purposes. The company's HempMeds Brazil subsidiary is already treating over 1,500 Brazilian families with epileptic children.