While 18-weeks pregnant with her fifth child, Tenille Farr discovered that she had stage-2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She had limited options: either go through chemotherapy and risk delivering her baby early or try treating her cancer naturally with medical marijuana. Opting for the latter, Farr was forced to relocate from her home state of Utah, where medical cannabis remains illegal. She moved to Colorado and California to undergo her treatment, and after six weeks of living in Colorado she returned to Utah for a test and discovered that her cancer and stopped growing. She then moved back home and delivered her healthy baby. Farr now advocates for the use of medical marijuana actively: “That’s why I’m fighting for [legalization in Utah], because I don’t want to have to leave my kids again. I don’t want to do chemo if I don’t have to, and I feel like cannabis can be a huge blessing.”