August 6 marks the 55th anniversary of Jamaica breaking free from the United Kingdom’s colonial rule. To honor the occasion, we are proud to bring you MERRY JANE Presents Jamaica Week. All week leading up to Jamaican Independence Day, MERRY JANE is celebrating the Jamaican people and the many great things that the island has given to the world — from music, dance, and food, to the Rastafarian religion, cannabis culture, and good vibes.

Kamila McDonald has a great appreciation for the music, food, landscape, and the positive vibes of her Jamaican homeland. Without them she would not be the successful personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and health advocate that she is today.

After struggling with weight gains, depression, and an eating disorder while studying abroad at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, she entered the Miss Jamaica World Beach Beauty Pageant to force herself to get in shape. She not only got fit, but also ended up winning the competition. Kamila then launched her career in wellness, using the music, food, and landscape of Jamaica in her popular Kamp Kamila fitness videos to inspire people.

As part of Jamaica Week, MERRY JANE caught up with Kamila at Skyline Levels, the lush compound in the St. Andrew hills where she grew up with her reggae artist parents and siblings Keznamdi and Kelissa, for a sample workout and frank discussion of her journey to wellness and how the island contributes to a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle.

Check out the video above