Since they are both activities we engage in because of the way they make us feel, one would think that cannabis and sex would be the perfect match. But, while puffing on a blunt and making the beast with two backs are among two of life’s biggest pleasures, do they really complement each other?

You may have heard stories that praise cannabis as a libido booster or as a miracle remedy for “minute men,” but the same has been said about many other substances, and it often turns out to be bullshit. There are varying opinions when it comes to the effects of cannabis on sex, and it can be vastly different whether you are a man or woman. And men, if you are planning on starting a family, some of the impacts of pot on your body will be crucial for you to take into consideration.

To get to the quick and dirty details, MERRY JANE News researched some of the myths and facts about mixing marijuana and baby makin’, and whether you could be doing more harm than good by combining them.

Check out the video above to see how you can strike the perfect balance between your two favorite things.