With all the junk you receive in the mail, wouldn’t it be nice to have one thing to look forward to opening every month? Thanks to medical marijuana legalization, there is!

On the latest episode of Fresh Out the Box, the MERRY JANE original series that explores the hottest GOODS for you, we dig into an MBox, a curated, themed, monthly shipment of premium cannabis concentrates, vapes, edibles, flowers, paraphernalia, and more from the cannabis delivery company ClubM. Each MBox contains $200 worth of quality California cannabis, and for only $97 it ships directly to members, saving them the hassle and uncertainty of a dispensary visit. (For the time being, you must be a California patient to apply for membership.) And like most product-of-the-month clubs, if you love something, you can order more of it—with free shipping.

So, what do you get exactly? Inside our sharp looking, wax-sealed MBox, we discovered six strains of flower from Gold Seal and Lola Lola (indica, sativa, and hybrids), clutch paraphernalia from Raw, Shine, and SharpStone, and even healthy munchies from Peeled. Quite the come-up.

In addition to providing “safe, secure, and confidential” cannabis delivery, ClubM also raises money for “local arts and education programs,” so you can both feel good and feel good about yourself. It comes in handy every other day of the month, when you’re drowning under bills and junk mail.

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