We’ve found that running a cannabis brand has its occupational hazards. First off, you’re high all the time. Secondly, you’re also hungry all the time. And we’re not talking about being a little bit hungry, we’re talking ravenous, eat anything from the back of the fridge and go back for seconds kind of hunger. Luckily for us, Cheese London HQ is located in the heart of Brixton – which, in case you don't know it, offers the finest selection of cheap stoner sustenance this south side of the Thames, and in our not-at-all biased opinion is one the hottest food spots in all of London, if not the UK.

Now, Brixton gets a lot of stick for being “up-and-coming” – which in subtitles might read “a once sketchy and under-developed area that has now been deemed cool by the middle classes and subsequently gentrified”.  And, as a result of this new-found hipster status, there are a tonne of branded food chains that serve to distract anyone unknowing and in need of feeding. Their shiny, neon signs attracting food tourists like moths to the light. But in spite of this gentrification Brixton has managed to keep its edge. And it's on that edge we like to graze. So while the food tourists are distracted, we’re free to hit up our favourite, family run spots, which invariably fail to offer any of the frills of their corporate neighbours, but make up for their lack of chic décor with some truly great food.

Ichiban Sushi

Food images courtesy of instagram.com/ichibansushibrixton

Surely a sushi joint in a once predominantly Afro-Caribbean area should be a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the area’s “up-and-coming” status? Not-at-all. This half Thai, half Colombian, fully Brixton family run restaurant has been part of the local culture for years.  The decor feels straight out of neighbourhood Tokyo – i.e. authentically underwhelming. If the lime green interior puts you off, then you’re better off heading to the more consciously designed Fujiyama next door, but you’ll be making a big mistake. Everything on the menu is great – our personal favorite is the Katsu Curry. If you feel like experimenting, then ask head chef Chris about his fusion style menu and see if you don’t find your taste buds transported to Westside LA in an instant. 

Bushman Kitchen & Carribean Kiosk

This place is actually just a hut under the concrete stairs that lead up to the Brixton Recreation Centre, – locally known, as 'the Wreck' for its brutalistic 60's architecture – right in the middle of the main market. Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Ital stews, it has everything you’d expect to find and more, just make sure you get there early – everything is made fresh each morning and he’s usually sold out before 3pm. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and it’s probably as close as you’re going to get to home cooked Caribbean food this side of the Atlantic.

The Colombian Place (Las Americas Cafe)

It was only when we sat down to write this article that we realized we had no idea what this place was actually called. What we do know is that they do the best goddamn empanada’s we’ve ever had. It’s actually a butcher's on one side and a cafe on the other. Chances are you’ll be the only non-Colombian in there, but pull up a seat at the bar, order three empanadas for a fiver, cover them in Pico de gallo and you’re set. Pro-Tip: always ask them if they have any Frijoles con Garras – a bean stew with pig’s trotter peas and rice. You’ll be full for a week.