While there has been some advancements in pest management techniques, when it comes to growing cannabis, there is a need to chart a way forward through complex, ever-changing challenges around the potency testing and labelling of the marijuana we consume.

As cannabis legalization slowly expands across the nation, a new crop of growers will come on board, making  standardization in testing a major factor that is currently lacking industry experts told MERRY JANE.

"We need science not High Times,” said Nic Easley, CEO Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting, in reference to the online publication.

“Much of the cannabis we consume carries pesticides and cannabis testing is not standardized from state to state. States like California that doesn't mandate testing can be subject to federal intervention if there is fear of public health and safety.”

To curb the feds from moving in, a group of industry experts from states including Colorado and California gathered at the 2016 Cannabis Quality Summit to focus in on ways to ensure the cannabis we consume is safer and cleaner.

Attendees including representatives from some of the top cannabis brands including Dixie, The Wo/Mans Alliance For Medical Marijuana, American’s for Safe Access, and National Cannabis Industry Association.