At least one thing in this crazy, mixed-up world is finally back to normal.

After two years of near-teetotaling, actor and marijuana advocate Woody Harrelson has officially ended his prolonged cannabis tolerance break, sparked by a particularly large poker pot and some friendly peer pressure from country music legend Willie Nelson.

In an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show this week, Harrelson said that he had been weed-free for over two years — save the occasional edible, of course — but the temptation of a personally-branded Willie’s Reserve vape cartridge passed along from Willie himself was too hard to turn down.

“I was in a celebratory mood and he hands me that pen and I was just snatched and it was like ‘ah, fuck it,'” Harrelson told Degeneres. “I take a big draw of it and he says ‘Welcome home, son.'”

In March 2017, Harrelson told an interviewer from New York that he had stopped getting stoned in 2016 after 30 years of consistent smoking. Citing a lack of “emotional availability” and “30 solid years of just partying too fucking hard,” Woody actually said that the hardest part of putting down the bong was telling his old friend and poker buddy, Willie Nelson.

And, apparently, the news of Harrelson’s straight-laced ways were too much to take for the 85-year-old country singer. In Harrelson’s recent Ellen interview, the Kingpin star said that Nelson continued to offer him weed every time they saw each other, with no regard for Harrelson’s lifestyle change.

“He was never comfortable with me quitting, it just bothered him,” Harrelson told Ellen. “I would always say, ‘Willie you know I’m not smoking,'” he continued. “He would always do the same thing like he was hearing it for the first time, ‘Oh really? Sorry!’ This happened like 500 times.”

Eventually, in the middle of a juicy poker game, Willie offered as usual and Harrelson accepted, turning the actor from straight-edge back to full-blown stoner in a matter of minutes.

“That was that, now I’m back into the mix,” Harrelson told Ellen.

Now that he’s back on the weed wagon, Harrelson will have plenty of time to try all of the Willie’s Reserve strains, including the latest, Last Man Standing, named after Willie’s 67th album, released last month. Something tells us that Harrelson has already smoked a few joints full of the orange-terp hybrid.

After two long years without smoke from one of our favorite celebrity stoners, Willie certainly said it best: Welcome home, Woody.

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