If you’ve ever gotten high at a concert or smoked and listened to your stranded-on-a-desert-island jams, you know that, like most things in life, music is better on weed. It’s obviously awesome to begin with, but with some THC in your system, you may perceive new sonic layers or meanings in lyrics that you never noticed before and tracks that you’ve heard a thousand times suddenly sound brand new again. But what causes this special relationship between music and cannabis?

Join MERRY JANE as we break down the *actual science* that explains why music sounds so good when you’re high. (As much as we love the ramblings of old hippies on this subject, we’re dealing with facts here.) See how cannabis can make time and space seem to stretch out, affect frequencies, change speech perception, synchronize sound and images, and tap into the right hemisphere of your brain.

If it gets a little too “lab coat” for you, you can always just throw on some music, get lifted, and experience the sensation for yourself.