You know what’s wrong with shopping for cannabis today? Pretty much everything! Prices are too high, there’s no way to sample new brands, you can’t smell or observe the product you want before buying it, it’s hard to get reliable recommendations, and it’s difficult to find consistent quality. Why should finding new cannabis products be more complicated than finding a new favorite wine or book? 

Now it doesn’t have to be, thanks to the Nugg Club Box, California’s first true weed subscription box. It offers over $225 worth of products for only $99 and gives subscribers access to a members-only wholesale marketplace. Dope, right?


It’s Hard to Discover What Products You Like

The market doesn’t make sense. People need to touch and experience new products to decide what’s right for them, yet California’s cannabis laws make it impossible to do so.

Cannabis strains are just as unique and individualized as humans are. Your best friend’s favorite flavor might only taste so-so for you, or it could be the best thing that’s happened to you since you started smoking weed. There’s just no way to know ‘till you try it, which can be an expensive-as-hell, trial-by-error process.

If you’re looking for a new favorite wine, it’s as simple as scheduling a tasting at a winery. Swirl, sniff, sip, and spit ‘till you find the aromatic, sensuous blend that tickles your taste buds just right. This format doesn’t exist in the cannabis world. The only option for trying new products is to make a massive commitment and purchase full-price items from a dispensary. It can be a lot of money to risk for a potentially disappointing experience.

There needs to be a better way. 

A Better (and Cheaper) Alternative to Trying New Cannabis Products

Hey, we get it — we all have commitment issues sometimes. I mean, you wouldn’t marry someone before you went on a date with them, right? But free cannabis samples are simply a no-go in California — and in most other legal states. Thankfully, that’s where Nugg Club comes in handy.

The Nugg Club cannabis subscription box takes the sting out of the trial-and-error process by giving you the best deal in the business: Over $200 worth of full-sized, personally-curated premium cannabis products for only $99. (Cue angelic music)


How Nugg Club Works

You can get the Nugg Club box delivered whenever you want — once a month, every other month, or every three months depending on your preference. There’s no rigid commitment structure, and you can cancel at any time. You select the type of products you want, then Nugg Club’s curation team packs your box with the brands and products they think you’ll love. And, the good news is the Nugg team has vetted every single product that goes into each box. That way, quality is consistent every time.

Getting started is quick and painless:

1) Click “Get Started” at

2) Choose between edibles, vapes, flower, or pre-rolls. 

3) Select your preference for indica, sativa or hybrid strains.

4) Enter a discount code (use code MJANE for $10 off). 

4) Select your delivery frequency preference (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly)

5) Choose your preferred delivery dates and times.

Then all you have to do is enter your delivery address, payment information, and wait for your goodie box to arrive! (It usually takes between 4-9 days after your purchase date)

What’s in the Nugg Club Box?

Your Nugg Club Box will contain an average of six (give or take) full-sized cannabis products. These aren’t sample sizes, either — they’re the same products you’d purchase at a dispensary. The only difference is they’re upwards of 60 percent cheaper than the prices at your local pot shop. 

These personally curated selections include well-known name brands such as Eureka, Stone Road and Kahna, plus exciting new finds like Chemistry, Pantry, Dreamland, and Dropout. Every box has a new assortment of products and brands for you to try, and they’re perfect for men and women. In fact, almost half of Nugg Club’s customers are femme-identifying!

Buy Add-Ons at Wholesale Prices

If super affordable access to a regularly delivered curation of incredible products didn’t already get your attention, get this. Once you’re a subscriber, you earn the ability to purchase add-ons at steep discounts: 40 percent to 60 percent off retail prices! Yep, that’s right. And that’s on top of the incredible value of your box. Plus, you can purchase any of the products that came in previous Nugg Club boxes at wholesale prices to include them in your next delivery.

The Nugg Club Box is Only $99

We know it sounds nuts. How can Nugg Club possibly offer all of this for such a low price? Well, there is a method to this madness. Nugg Club’s Inventory and Product Curation Manager (AKA — the Curator-in-Chief) Mary Martinez says there’s an advantage to offering a service like Nugg Club’s. “Being the first true monthly marijuana subscription service means we’re able to bring something new to both brands and consumers ” says Martinez. “Brands are looking for reliable ways of getting their products into people’s hands, and telling their story the way they want it to be told. And let’s face it, most budtenders don’t exactly know the ins-and-outs of every product they’re selling.”

Martinez goes on to say that by asking customers to review the products they receive, Nugg Club is able to give brands customer feedback and ensure that delivery boxes remain premium in quality. Nugg Club also offers brand’s a platform to tell their story, something they can’t really do anywhere else. As a result, brands give them great discounts on product, and we pass the savings along to customers.


Here Are Some Brands Nugg Club has Partnered With (So Far)

The sole job of Nugg Club’s team of curators is to discover the best brands and products California has to offer. For each product that lands in the monthly subscription box, the curation team has tested it multiple times to ensure the consistency of the product matches its quality. 

They also do diligent research on each brand, too. They read thousands of customer reviews about a brand, and research the growing, production, and manufacturing processes used to create a product. They even prioritize brands that have incorporated social responsibility into their business model.  

Nugg Club has donated to Campaign Zero, Critical Resistance, and the Trans Cultural District. They’re always seeking out other brands that want to leverage their position in the cannabis industry to improve the lives of those most negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. 



The UNO was timed to launch with the Nugg Club Box, and it is a smash hit. What makes Chemistry such a special brand is that they understand the importance of all the cannabinoids, not just THC and CBD. This elegant, yet powerful vape pen features CCELL revolutionary ceramic heating elements, and the atomizer creates a clean inhale so all you get is clean, terp rich, full-spectrum cannabis oil with every delicious draw. 



LEVEL’s no-nonsense cannabis-infused THC and CBD tablets feature precise doses of custom-blended cannabinoids for a custom high. The company’s mission is to give new cannabis explorers the tools to embark on a pleasant, one of a kind journey. 

They’re taking cannabis tablets to a whole new LEVEL. 


Stone Road

Stone Road’s joints are beautifully-crafted by hand in unbleached French papers. Twice lab tested for purity and potency, their product is sourced from small batch, family-owned farms. Truly some of the finest cannabis California has to offer. 


Pantry Food Co.

Pantry believes cannabis is a natural wellness product that’s best paired with real food to promote health and well-being. Their chefs’ recipes are tirelessly crafted using only high-quality, premium ingredients for maximum flavor. They keep their ingredients simple so you can simply enjoy! 


Ocean Cannabis Co.

Lifelong philanthropists and entrepreneurs Patrick and Mary Beth, the founders of Ocean Cannabis Co. are leading the battle against single-use plastics in the cannabis industry by using reclaimed plastic from the ocean to make their packaging. So far, cannabis dispensaries and consumers have removed over five tons of plastic from the ocean by purchasing Ocean Cannabis Co’s products! 

Why Wait? Join Nugg Club Today!

Each month, Nugg Club features new finds and amazing deals on well-known and artisan brands. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you dive down the rabbit hole and join in the fun. So, head on over to and sign up today for the best weed subscription box in town!

*This was created in partnership with NuggClub.